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Women more likely than men to feel happy after divorce

Divorce can be ugly. But some women may come out stronger on the other side. According to a recent report, women may be twice as likely to be happy after a divorce.

That’s according to a survey in the U.K., which examined more than 2000 divorced adults. Results showed that 35% of women felt less stressed after splitting from their spouse, where only 17% of men reported feeling the same way. Marital separation may even increase some women’s confidence; according to the survey, 30% of women said they had higher levels of self-esteem after divorce compared to only 15% of men.

Women tend to initiate the majority of divorces

The media often depicts separation as a wife’s kryptonite. Many people think of a distressed middle-aged woman crying her eyes out in her lawyer’s office while her ex becomes richer and gets a younger, more attractive girlfriend.

However, reality often paints a different picture. According to couple’s coach Lesli Doares, women instigate 80% of divorces. That’s because women are usually more likely to express their dissatisfaction with the marriage. When they feel their partner isn’t listening or making the changes they wish to see, many begin the grieving process and formulate a plan to get out.

This move can blindside their husbands, as divorce may not have crossed their minds. Some husbands may assume that because they’re happy and that their wife isn’t complaining, everything is fine.

Mismatched dialogue can lead to marital disaster

One of the keys to a happy, healthy and long-lasting marriage is sound communication, especially for women. But when spouses are on different pages about their marital satisfaction, going through life’s ups and downs together can be a challenge. Luckily, if spouses do divorce, they can use the mistakes they made as a lesson to become a better spouse if they choose.

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