Why are gray divorces increasing?

|December 28, 2020 | divorce

Gray divorces, or divorces for those over the age of 50, are on the rise. There are a variety of different reasons couples over the age of 50 divorce and it is important for divorcing couples over 50 and of all ages to be prepared for what to expect from the divorce process.

Financial strain and arguments are one of the primary reasons couples over the age of 50 may end up divorcing. In other instances, couples over 50 who decide to divorce may do so because they have grown apart and their lives have gone in different or separate directions. Infidelity can also be another common cause for divorce for couples over 50 and other couples as well. Addiction can also be another common cause of divorce.

As couples age, they may grow apart, experience infidelity, financial stresses and addiction, which can lead to divorce. A gray divorce can be especially difficult for divorcing couples who may be unprepared to maintain two separate households later in life, which is why the property division process is essential to be familiar with.

Couples divorcing after 50 need to be able to prioritize and protect their interests when dividing retirement accounts, investments and property including a family home, cars, home furnishings and other forms of real estate the couple may own.

There are a variety of reasons those over 50 may decide to divorce. Once they have made that difficult decision, they should be familiar with the process so they can navigate it as smoothly as possible.

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