Who pays for a teen’s car insurance after a divorce?

|August 22, 2019 | divorce

When it comes to children and divorce in Pennsylvania, they are often the most challenging aspect of your divorce agreement. As parents, you need to make sure that you plan ahead for all your children’s needs. Whether they are little or teenagers, you want to be sure that you understand how all expenses will be handled now and in the future.

One important consideration is who will handle the car insurance when your children begin to drive. This may seem like something you can easily decide, but it is more complicated than you may think. Forbes explains that individual auto insurers may have rules that will affect how you insure your teen.

Coverage for every vehicle

One of the main details is that you will need to ensure your teen has coverage for every vehicle he or she drives. If your child has his or her own vehicle, then only the parent whose policy that vehicle is on will need to carry coverage. Otherwise, if the teen will drive different vehicles, then you both may need to have him or her covered on your policy.

Custody arrangements

Typically, if your teen lives in your house the majority of the time and claims that as his or her primary residence, then you will need to have him or her on your policy. If you share custody, then you both will probably need the child on your policies.

Regardless of your situation, you should always check with your insurance company about coverage needs. Each company has different rules, so even if you think you do not have to have your child covered on your policy, you should still check to be sure. The last thing you need is for your child to get into an accident or other situation and not have the proper insurance coverage, which will leave you liable for damages and expenses.

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