When to seek divorce counseling

|March 23, 2020 | Co-parenting

Not all divorces are the same. Some can be graciously mutual, with both parties agreeing that separation is the best way forward for each individual and their families. Some divorces are unfortunately bitter affairs, full of conflict and spite. For both these extremes, and everything in between, separating couples may want to consider divorce counseling.

Divorce counseling is very similar to mediation, but with the help of a therapist. It is useful for teaching communication tools, building empathy and ensuring protections for children. It is often useful for parents who wish to have a functioning partnership that continues to provide stable environments for their children. However, there are some issues that still might need the help of a family law attorney.

How divorce counseling differs

Not just a different term for marriage counseling, divorce counseling focuses on:

  • Meeting you where you are at: Instead of seeking to repair a marriage, counselors meet the participants where they are at and help them realize and achieve their goals.
  • Logistics and decision making: Counseling can also help participants navigate the logistics of a divorce. Counselors can equip participants with the tools and techniques they need to efficiently process paperwork and make informed decisions about each other’s goals and needs.
  • Emotional guidance: The end of a marriage marks the end of an intimate relationship that often leaves one or both parties in states of mourning. A counselor can help navigate the grieving process for parents and children.
  • Communication: Overall, divorce counseling will focus on teaching listening techniques that help divorcing parties redefine their relationship and prioritize healthy communication.

Pre- and post-divorce counseling

Counseling can benefit couples and their families both before and after a divorce. Pre-divorce counseling can assist with planning, teach each party how to inform extended family and provide tools to help children through this tough time. Post-divorce counseling will focus on adapting to a new way of life without a marriage partner how to manage the related emotions.

Life after divorce

Divorce counseling is a resource that helps smooth over divorce proceedings and promote amicable resolutions. Primarily, it can help each individual deal with the emotional fallout from a divorce and teach empathetic communication methods. Divorcing parents with children often find divorce counseling can help their children deal with the trauma of separation. Interested parties should ask their divorce attorney for counselor recommendations.

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