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When adoption is the best option

Most of us know a family whose lives have been enriched through adoption or an adult who was adopted into a loving family. What many people don’t understand are the decisions that come into play when adoption is the best option.

One of the first things a family may decide is whether they wish to adopt a child in a specific age range. Some parents want to experience raising a child from infancy, while others wish to jump head first into the teenage years.

Next, a family should explore the various channels and programs through which they can adopt a child. Some families choose to adopt a child from a foreign country, while others learn of a child available for adoption through a state agency, their church or other community program.

Prospective parents should also decide if they are comfortable with an open adoption or if a closed adoption is the only option for them. An open adoption can permit contact between the birth relative and adoptive parents. This can be as simple as exchanging photos or as involved as special visits on holidays and other occasions.

Pennsylvania families who have decided that adoption is the right decision for their family will be best served by seeking out more information and guidance from an experienced family attorney in order to ensure that the process is as efficient and smooth as possible for all parties involved.

Source:, “What Anyone Considering Adoption Should Know“, Erin Celletti, Dec. 23, 2017

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