What do people consider most when deciding on the future of a relationship?

|March 9, 2022 | blog, divorce

What factors influence a person’s decision to move forward in a relationship or to end it? Not everyone considers the future of their relationship in an overly formal or even conscious way. However, anyone who is dating or married is probably aware that certain issues have the ability to sway their decisions, in small or large degrees.

Psychology researchers have identified a list of common reasons people choose to stay with their partner, as well as reasons they leave.

Reasons to stay

Once the luster of a new romance wears off, what is it that keeps people together? According to a team of researchers, there are 27 general reasons that lead people to stick with their partners. Among the ten most common are emotional intimacy and investment, familial obligations, emotional security and compatibility.

Reasons to leave

If you are facing a difficult time with your partner, you may be questioning if you should try to move forward together or move on separately. The same study that discovered why people stay together also identified 23 common reasons people split up. Factors like the breach of trust, withdrawal, personality and physical distance were all among the top reasons.

Reasons for either

Between the top ten factors among both categories, there are commonalities. The following have an impact on the decision to leave as well as the choice to stay:

  • Compatibility
  • Emotional closeness
  • Financial considerations
  • Partner’s personality

The crossover of these four aspects of a relationship may suggest that they are especially significant to the health and future of a relationship.

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