What are the reasons for an emotional divorce?

|November 19, 2019 | divorce

Rather than a marriage dissolving because of arguments about money or a spouse stepping out of the relationship, some couples in Pennsylvania go through an emotional divorce. Those who experience this type of split may wonder what happened to their relationship when they were not looking.

SAS for Women describes several reasons for emotional divorce. Hopefully, this information can help couples understand what happened and what to do next.

Emotional affairs

Rather than a physical affair, a spouse may have an emotional affair with another person. Like with physical affairs, it can be difficult for spouses to fully recover from the betrayed intimacy and reinvigorate a sense of trust in the relationship.

Growing apart

Spouses change over time, becoming different people who may slowly grow apart. Passions, interests and activities that couples once loved to engage in together give way to diverging paths. Some couples manage to rediscover each other and find common ground again, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

An absence of intimacy

Even if the people in a couple remain relatively the same over the years, their love language can change. Holding hands, giving pecks on the cheek and even taking an interest in each other’s lives can eventually stop, drying up the well of love.

Never-ending fighting 

While practically every couple fights, what matters is how the couple grows, learns and recovers from arguments. Emotional divorce may involve constant arguments, snipes and verbal barbs. When times of war last longer than times of peace, it may be time to rethink the marriage.


If one partner has a seemingly better, easier life than the other, it can become a breeding ground for jealousy and bitterness. For example, one spouse may earn promotions and raises with ease while the other spouse struggles to achieve even the smallest pay increase. Over time, resentment can become a malignant virus that infects the marriage.

Whatever is dividing a couple, taking action to end the relationship may become necessary for the happiness of both people. Talking with a legal professional can give spouses an idea of their best options for peace of mind.

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