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Validating your child’s emotions during your divorce

The transition from having two parents under one roof to only having one may cause emotional distress for your children in Pennsylvania. While divorce is certainly not easy for anyone involved, your children may lack the maturity and understanding to comprehend why things have changed so rapidly.

Validating your children’s feelings and encouraging them to share their concerns with you may enable them to process their emotions healthily and effectively. Talking with your children about your divorce is something you should approach with care, respect and poise.

Verbalize your love and concern

Your children need to know now more than ever that you love them and feel concerned about their happiness and well-being. Make every effort to verbalize your support and interest in understanding their thoughts and concerns. According to, openly encourage your children to talk with you. Set aside time for uninterrupted conversation and thoughtfully consider their questions and how to appropriately answer them.

Realize that helping your children cope with such significant change may require the help and support of professionals. Consider enlisting the services of a therapist to support your children’s efforts to process their emotions healthily. While you should practice awareness in what you choose to share, never lie to your children or make things sound better than they actually are. Most importantly, consistently and regularly reinforce the fact that you love your children and have committed to helping them get through this unprecedented time.

Chose to practice civility

Even in the most difficult situations, you have the opportunity to treat your ex with dignity and respect. Your commitment to acting civil will not only aid you in maintaining your reputation and integrity but may help your children to cope better. If you would like to learn more about helping your children navigate divorce, please visit our webpage.

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