The High Rate of Divorce Following the Holidays

|January 30, 2024 | divorce

study by the University of Washington identified a spike in divorce filings in the first three months of the year. Several factors can influence when couples decide to pursue divorce. If you’re considering seeking a divorce after the holidays, you should familiarize yourself with the following tips and suggestions to make the divorce process easier for you and your family.

Why Do So Many Couples Get Divorced After the Holidays?

Multiple circumstances cause couples to choose to get divorced right after the holidays:

The Holiday Honeymoon

The holiday season can paper over many emotional and personal challenges married couples may have. The romantic nature of the holidays can promote positive feelings, causing spouses to forget the negative emotions they may have toward each other or the marriage. Couples, especially those with young children, may feel pressure to ensure the family has a “perfect” holiday and agree to refrain from arguments or discussing challenging issues that may lead to a divorce. Furthermore, parents may want to avoid inflicting the trauma of divorce on their children during the holidays so they do not develop bad memories or negative feelings they later associate with the holiday season.

Fresh Start in the New Year

Once the holidays end, couples must return to reality, which may include accepting that their marital relationship has ended. Battling spouses who have agreed to a temporary truce for the family’s sake may resume conflicts once the distraction of the holidays has ended. Sore feelings may also increase if one spouse feels that the other didn’t “pull their weight” to make an enjoyable holiday for the family.

Holidays Can Exacerbate Financial and Personal Pressures

The holidays can cost a lot, highlighting the financial difficulties that a couple may experience. Decorating the house, buying presents, and hosting holiday parties or dinners takes a lot of effort, which can magnify an imbalanced division of household labor between spouses.

Family Dynamics Get Highlighted During the Holidays

Gathering with extended family during the holidays can also motivate couples to seek divorce in the new year. Family members who notice the signs of the breakdown of the marriage may pull spouses aside over the holidays to discuss marital difficulties or suggest a separation or divorce. Couples may also take note of their siblings, parents, adult children, or other family members with seemingly happy marriages, causing further disappointment in the breakdown of their marriage.

Tips for Starting Your Divorce in the New Year

If you’ve decided to get divorced after the holidays, tips to remember include:

  • Gather your end-of-year financial records.
  • Consider the tax implications of the timing of your divorce.
  • Change your account passwords.
  • Set up separate bank and credit card accounts.
  • Discuss a separation date and, if you have children, when you and your spouse will break the news.

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