The 5 biggest strains on a marriage

|January 21, 2020 | family law

In a marriage, there are stressors that appear with time. As life changes, you are challenged with different aspects of your life. This can lead to problematic ways of coping with your stressors. Relationships are hard work and require more energy as challenges arise.

Strains on a marriage are reoccurring and can affect each partner differently. It’s important to know the warning signs and to work through them together. Here are some of the biggest strains most couples face during their marriage:

  • Kids: Although a parent loves their children unconditionally, children need a lot of their parent’s time and energy. As a parent, you must always be available for your children. This can take a mental and emotional toll on you and your spouse. If you and your spouse don’t take time for yourselves, your children can become a big strain on your relationship.
  • Feeling like roommates: After a long time together, it’s difficult to keep the spark alive. It may require more effort than it once did. When a romantic connection is pushed aside, you may feel like you are roommates who sleep in the same bed. Keeping a romantic connection can be hard, especially when life gets in your way. Creating habitual date nights or thoughtful gestures can let your partner know that you value and love them.
  • Feeling bored: Boredom in marriage can happen. It’s usually a result of you and your spouse taking the relationship for granted. Everything is too routine, and you need to take a risk again. Chasing the butterflies you once felt can spice up your marriage and lead to exciting new adventures together.
  • Life goals are incomplete: Getting married can change a lot of aspects in your life. Having a family can further those changes. Your life isn’t tailored to only you anymore. This can lead to personal sacrifices. Many people end up resenting their choice. With open communication and trust with your partner, you can work out a way to achieve those life goals.
  • Milestones are left uncelebrated: At the beginning of a relationship, most couples will make any excuse to celebrate. Frequent celebrations can show your love for one another. Once that dissipates, it’s important to find your way back to congratulating one another for even the smallest milestones. It’s important for partners to take the time to celebrate one another. It can make your partner feel seen and loved.

Marriage is a difficult relationship to maintain. Many people take their marriage for granted because they feel secure in that relationship. If you take the time to make your partner feel special, that spark will never fade. Remember to listen, celebrate and love each other like you would at the beginning of your relationship. Don’t stop courting each other just because you’ve been together for a long time.

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