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Other Testimonials

Ms. Purdy did what everyone else said couldn’t be done. Two and a half years of filling my former attorneys bank account, while nothing was being done to protect my daughter. Lost the custody trial while my ex wife lied and my former attorney told my to just let it go for a while. I went for a consultation with Ms. Purdy on a Thursday and by Friday I had primary custody with my ex getting 3 hours supervised visitation a week. Ms. Purdy listened and treated me like a person, she answered questions and told me what would be done. If you are looking for an attorney, you want Ms. Purdy on your side. I am a loyal client from here on out. From me and on behalf of my daughter, family and friends, thank you so much. I highly recommend Ms. Purdy. Words can not describe how grateful I am, it was a lost case and you turned it around.
Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!

Russell Barrus Jr

I’m not proud to say that I have probably one of the largest, most complicated cases in Dauphin County history. Pam has not represented me during any part of my case. She has however lended her time and her friendship and in many ways helped me reach my potential as a man and as a father. Pam has been extremely supportive to me even during times when it was difficult and came at a great personal expense for her. I know her well and I know how hard she tries for her clients and how much she cares. Custody is never a cut and dry matter and there are always emotions involved. Pam will do her best to help you.

Child Custody client