Discipline Strategies for Special Education Students in Pennsylvania

Parenting a child with special needs comes with unique challenges and rewards. Discipline, or guiding children towards positive behavior, is particularly nuanced within the realm of special education. In Pennsylvania, where educational policies and practices are always in development to better serve students with diverse needs, understanding effective discipline strategies is vital. This post seeks […]

Understanding Paternity Laws in Pennsylvania: A Guide for Parents

Navigating the legal landscape of paternity can be challenging for parents in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re a mother seeking child support or a father wanting to establish a relationship with your child, understanding paternity laws is crucial. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive overview of paternity laws in Pennsylvania to help you make informed decisions. […]

How to Write an IEP from a Parent’s Perspective – Part 5

|March 1, 2024 | IEP

This is the last of a 5-blog series about how to write an IEP from a parent’s perspective. If you are seeing this blog before the others, please go back and read the other blogs. We talked about present levels and parents’ vision statements, SMARTER goals, specially designed instruction, and transition plans for high school. […]

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