Selecting a real estate agent in a divorce

With divorce comes a change in your living arrangements, as you move from married life to life as a single individual. When a couple in Pennsylvania divorces, sometimes they decide to sell their family home and split the proceeds. Other times, one spouse will move out of their marital residence and into a new home of their own. In either situation, one step they will likely take is finding the right real estate agent.

It can help to interview a real estate agent before hiring them. It is important that your real estate agent is trustworthy, understands your personal circumstances and will meet your specific needs. You can go online to read reviews other people posted regarding the real estate agent’s services. Trusted professionals, such as your attorney or accountant may also be able to provide a referral.

However, avoid selecting a real estate agent just because they are an acquaintance, friend or family member. You should not feel obligated to select a real estate agent just because you know them personally nor should you feel guilty for not doing so. Moreover, a real estate agent needs to remain neutral if you and your ex are selling your marital home together. Friends or relatives may unintentionally favor you or your ex.

A real estate agent should be diplomatic and conscious of both spouse’s concerns and preferences. Sometimes this means acting as a mediator between the spouses. Neither spouse wants to feel like the home selling or home buying process was unfair to them, and a good real estate agent will be considerate of these concerns.

Ultimately, a real estate agent who is experienced in divorce, compassionate and professional can be a great asset to spouses who are selling or buying a home. Neither spouse wants to feel slighted in the property division process, so carefully vetting a real estate agent before accepting their services is of the utmost importance.

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