Reasons to consider mediation for your divorce

|February 8, 2023 | Firm News

Going through a divorce is a painful, exhausting process for anyone. Whatever the reason- it takes its toll on the parties divorcing. If they have children, things get more complicated, and the parties must balance many things simultaneously.

In addition to the emotional toll that divorce takes on the family, there are the courts. From beginning to end, there is a lengthy process between when one party files for divorce and when the parties finally settle or go to trial.

There are many steps that couples have to go through between the beginning and the end of the court process: attempts to divide everything they own, talks about the children and where they will live, who keeps the house, who pays child support and how much, and so on.

Is there another way to handle your divorce?

Yes, you can both choose and hire a mediator (in addition to your attorneys) and choose to mediate the case.

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) best suited for couples who:

  • Want to avoid the lengthy process of a divorce through the court system
  • Are able and willing to have productive conversations between them
  • Understand what mediation is and what mediation is not

The benefits of mediation are many, but the process requires that the parties be able to have difficult conversations.

What are the benefits of mediation?

The benefits of mediation are extensive. Mediation is a non-adversarial way to solve a conflict, allowing the parties to reach a settlement that benefits both sides.

Among its many benefits, mediation:

  • Is a private process that can take as little as one hour and as long as two or three full days.
  • Is much more efficient and less time-consuming than going to court, even in cases where mediations are on the longer side.
  • Is much more affordable than going to court
  • Allows you to have the benefit of advice from your attorney and terminate the mediation at any time if you decide you want to litigate your case instead.

The process of divorce takes a heavy toll on everyone involved. In many cases, mediation provides a highly effective alternative to the court system. Think of it this way: if you decide that mediation is not what you want to do, you can end it at any point, go to court and litigate your case.

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