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Reasons and issues in divorces among older adults

With divorce on the rise among people over 50, older adults in Pennsylvania might be more likely to get a divorce than younger ones. There are several possible reasons that people might do so after decades of marriage. Finances are a common source of conflict between couples, and this can eventually lead to a split.

Some couples raise children together and find that once the children leave home, they no longer have anything in common. Others may be aware they are growing apart but might decide to wait until their children grow up. This desire to end a marriage that is no longer fulfilling might be greater than it was for previous generations because people are living longer, healthier lives and might have higher expectations of meeting a new partner or having a fulfilling life in other ways. Long marriages can also end because of infidelity and addiction.

Divorce at any age can cause issues, and this is true for older people as well. Even if their children are adults, they may still be affected by the divorce. Financial concerns may also loom large for older adults. They may have accumulated a significant amount of assets, so the process of property division can be complex. If one person has been the main breadwinner or managed the finances, the other spouse could be at a disadvantage.

The reason for the divorce may affect the process itself. For example, if there has been infidelity, there might be a great deal of anger from one spouse, and it might be difficult for them to negotiate an agreement for property division. On the other hand, a couple who have simply grown apart or who have been planning the divorce for a long time, waiting for the children to grow up, might amicably negotiate an agreement.

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