Preparing for your first couples counseling session

|January 17, 2020 | divorce

You and your spouse had a great marriage at the start, but issues arose over the years. Finances, parenting styles or other differences caused fights, and the fights have taken their toll. So, you’ve decided to seek help through couples counseling.

The thought of consulting with a stranger about your marital problems might feel daunting. Don’t fret – it is completely normal to be nervous for your first session. Thankfully, there are ways to calm your nerves and prepare yourself for a successful session:

  1. Touch base with your partner beforehand. If you’re entering therapy, you might not be on the best terms with your partner. It’s still important to speak with them before the session to make sure you’re equally invested in fixing your marriage. You should also discuss recurring problems and set goals on what you want to accomplish during therapy.
  2. Read up on your therapist. It can be reassuring to have a bit of background information on your counselor. Seeing what they look like and reading about their qualifications can help with this. If reading isn’t fulfilling your curiosity, you can brainstorm a list of questions to ask them. You can even set up a phone call to discuss any questions or concerns.
  3. Clear your schedule. You should clear your schedule before and after your first therapy session. You might need this time to prepare and recover emotionally. Tackling hard subjects can be exhausting. It’s important to set time aside to take care of yourself.
  4. Decide whom you want to tell. After your session, you may have the urge to talk to somebody about the experience and your feelings. It’s smart to know who this person will be in advance so both of you are prepared. Whether it’s your mom, friend or coworker, make sure you trust this person and they support you.

Going to couples therapy is a healthy step to take if your relationship is struggling. It can be nerve-racking, but these tips can help you combat your anxiety and take an important step toward mending your marriage.

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