Protecting People From Abuse During Family Law Disputes

Domestic violence is a serious issue addressed by the Protection from Abuse Act. The Lemoyne area attorneys of Purdy Law Office, LLC, understand how difficult these issues are to deal with, both for a victim of abuse and for someone wrongly accused of abuse.

Utilizing their experience when representing parties to protection from abuse actions, whether Plaintiff or Defendant, our lawyers handle these matters with the utmost sensitivity. They apply their understanding of the Protection from Abuse Act and balance it with the compassion of how it will affect their clients’ futures.

What Is A PFA?

In Pennsylvania, a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order is an order prohibiting one party from having any contact with the other party. Courts will only enter such orders when finding, by a preponderance of the evidence, the person requesting it is in immediate and present danger of further abuse by the defendant.

Additionally, the Protection from Abuse Act is only applicable to household or family members, sexual or intimate partners, or persons who have children together. As experienced family law lawyers, we understand how painful these proceedings can be for victims and their families, and we strive to keep our clients informed about what they can expect. This means taking our client’s fear of abuse seriously, while also honestly explaining whether or not their fears will rise to the level of a protection from abuse order.

Since parents can file petitions for protection from abuse on behalf of their minor children, we understand the very serious implications that a protection from abuse order can have on custody proceedings. Protection from Abuse Orders can also exclude a spouse from the marital home in order to protect the abused spouse, which can have serious implications in a divorce action.

The existence of a PFA can prevent access to firearms and other weapons and affect clearances and/or licensure, which can affect a person’s employment if his or her job requires his or her access to these items. Because the impact of Protection from Abuse Orders can be so widespread, we will vigorously fight against the imposition of a PFA if it appears there were false accusations of abuse.

When the lawyers at Purdy Law Office, LLC, represent victims of abuse through the protection from abuse process, we will strongly represent their position in court and seek protection for them and/or their minor children.

Likewise, when we represent the accused in these matters, our job is to advocate for the accused and vigorously ensure that false allegations, if any, are brought to light because the impact of a PFA has lasting effects on one’s future.

Access To Counseling And Other Resources

There are a number of resources available to victims of abuse and perpetrators of abuse who would like to seek treatment. At Purdy Law Office, LLC, we can refer clients to entities that provide these services so that you and your family can begin healing.

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