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Though child support cases are routine, there are many variables pertaining to these cases. The Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines are frequently changing, and it is important for any attorney handling a child support matter to keep updated on these changes to the law.

These guidelines include looking at the income of both parents, and factoring in the number of children, the time that each parent spends with the children and other regularly occurring costs. Changed circumstances, like a loss of employment, can also lead to adjustments of the amount of a child support obligation.

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Legal Representation For The Most Difficult Child Support Cases

The purpose of child support is to ensure that a child’s financial needs are met in both parent’s homes. Determining what warrants a certain amount of child support stated in the guidelines can be simple, but where one party is less than forthcoming about his or her income, child support cases require attention to detail and knowledge about how to obtain the information needed to establish a support obligation.

Pamela Purdy and Allison Hastings regularly handle difficult child support, custody and divorce matters, including those where additional information is needed to prove one parent’s income from self-employment or otherwise, or his or her earning capacity. These cases may require requesting permission from the court to obtain certain financial documents from the other party, including tax returns and pay stubs. They can also require presenting testimony at a hearing regarding a party’s employment and earnings history.

Other common issues include child support enforcement or contempt of a child support order, and modification of an existing order. Our lawyers are well-versed in the procedures and laws surrounding each of these processes and regularly represent custodial and noncustodial parents, grandparents, and even stepparents seeking or being sued for child support. As a result, they can accurately explain the law to you and all of the remedies and resources available in child support actions.

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