Committed To Resolving Co-Parenting Conflicts

Parents want the best for their children. However, in a child custody dispute, the wishes of each parent may not align with the other.

When ongoing issues permeate your custody dispute, either party or the court may request a parenting coordinator to facilitate a resolution. At Purdy Law Office, LLC, our attorneys have worked with families across the Lemoyne area since 2006. Attorney Pamela Purdy is a trained parenting coordinator and can promote workable solutions to complex issues.

The Role Of The Parenting Coordinator

In a recent decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court authorized the parenting coordination program. Each county may choose to allow the program and keep a list of qualified, court-approved parenting coordinators. These individuals then attempt to resolve select custody-related issues.

The parenting coordinator facilitates communication on issues including:

  • How transfers of the children will take place
  • Plans for special occasions like birthdays, holidays and more
  • The communication of information on school, health and more
  • Clothing, toys and other personal possessions
  • Recreational or extracurricular activities

While the parenting coordinator lacks the authority to make changes in the legal or physical custody orders, they are required to make a report and recommendation to be reviewed by the court.

The Benefits Of Collaboratively Resolving Conflicted Issues

Parenting coordination ideally allows both parties to work through certain issues rather than take their case to the courtroom. This has many benefits, including saving time and money, minimizing future conflict, creating a more stable environment for children and reaching more efficient decisions.

The Advantage We Provide

As a trained parenting coordinator, Ms. Purdy provides a knowledgeable, neutral perspective to disputes. With nearly two decades of family law experience, she is an advocate for collaborative resolutions. She will facilitate a discussion that promotes the best interests of the children before ultimately delivering a recommendation to the court.

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