Grandparents’ Rights In Pennsylvania

There are statutes in Pennsylvania that establish grandparent’s rights. These laws help grandparents assert custodial rights to their grandchildren when they take on the role of being a parent, think that they should have primary custody of their grandchild, or are simply seeking to enjoy periodic visits with their grandchild.

At Purdy Law Office, LLC, in the Lemoyne area, our attorneys are experienced advocates for grandparents. We understand the often-unique relationship that grandparents have with their grandchildren, and we will explain your rights and your options under Pennsylvania law.

After meeting with you and listening to your concerns, our attorneys will help you decide the best course of action to achieve your goals. This action may be as simple as reopening the lines of communication, or it can include asserting your rights during a custody conference or trial before the court.

Why Grandparent’s Rights Are So Important

Sometimes grandparents provide emotional support and stability that a child’s parents are not providing. This may be because of a divorce or separation, drug or alcohol issues, incarceration or abuse or neglect by one or both of a child’s parents. At Purdy Law Office, LLC, our attorneys know that the love a grandparent is able to provide in these circumstances is irreplaceable.

We are accustomed to working with all parties who have custody rights to a child to help establish a grandparent’s role in a child’s life. We will advocate on your behalf in order to achieve a custody schedule that is in the best interests of your grandchildren.

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