Tailored Resolutions For Child Custody Disputes

A large portion of our practice at Purdy Law Office, LLC, in Lemoyne, concerns child custody matters. Our attorneys have unique perspectives pertaining to these matters due to their extensive family law representation experience and court-appointed positions in Harrisburg and throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Pamela Purdy served as a custody conference officer for the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas from 2009 to 2015, and Allison Hastings acts as a Guardian ad Litem in termination of parental rights and adoption cases for the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas, representing the best interests of children. Both of our attorneys are equipped to provide knowledgeable advice to parents on what to do and what not to do when engaged in a custody dispute, with a focus on how to serve the best interests of their children.

Tailoring Our Legal Representation To Your Needs

All child custody and visitation matters are different. Oftentimes, parties to custody actions are agreeable to the same custody schedule or are able to reach a resolution at a custody conference, through mediation or a collaborative law approach. In other cases, parties are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum and cannot agree on an appropriate arrangement.

When parties disagree about which custody arrangement is best, they may elect to participate in a custody evaluation, and/or require a trial before a judge. Whatever the case, we tailor our representation to your needs and act promptly.

Our attorneys are especially adept at dealing with high-conflict cases or emergency custody issues. This can include cases where one parent removes a child from Pennsylvania without the other parent’s permission or cases where there are allegations of child abuse.

What Is A Custody Conference?

In a child custody conference, the child’s parents sit down with their attorneys in an attempt to reach agreement about parenting time and other custody concerns. It can help you avoid the contentious, exhausting process of a trial. It also grants you more control over the final outcome. In Pennsylvania, most jurisdictions require parents to at least attempt to reach a custody arrangement through a conference before heading straight to a judge.

What If I Need To Change An Order?

Life changes. Your custody order does not necessarily have to remain the same. If you and your child’s other parent can agree on modifying your existing order, you do not need to have a court hearing. In other cases, though, you might need to file a petition for a modification and go before a judge. You can only seek a modification if your life has experienced a significant change; for example, loss of a job, incarceration of the other parent, relocation or change in a child’s needs.

We Can Help You Enforce Court Orders

Even if the court issues a custody order, some parents do not comply. If your child’s other parent has not honored the custody arrangement, our attorneys are ready to fight for you to enforce your rights. We will explore all options for enforcement, including wage garnishment, makeup parenting time, holding them in contempt of court and, in some cases, criminal penalties.

Negotiating For The Best Possible Outcome

Whether in family law court, a custody or support conference or mediation, a significant amount of work is required to effectively help you manage your child custody and support issues. This process can be extremely trying under the best of circumstances, but our attorneys practice with patience and open communication. They also encourage compromise where it is appropriate and in the clients’ or their children’s best interest. These are skills that our attorneys have acquired through their extensive experience in mediating child custody matters and helping clients reach resolutions that best serve all parties.

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