Mediating Divorces In Pennsylvania

Mediation allows for couples to work through their family law issues outside of the court with the assistance of a neutral third-party attorney. Not only can mediation be less costly, but also it gives the parties the opportunity to handle some very personal issues privately and respectfully.

Attorney Pamela L. Purdy is a certified, trained divorce mediator, and has extensive experience mediating divorce-related cases. Attorney Allison Hastings is also trained in mediation and collaborative law. As a result, at Purdy Law Office, LLC, in the Lemoyne area, we are all too familiar with the benefits of mediation and its ability to work for parties who are committed to the process.

A Viable Alternative To Going To Court

Not very long ago, Pennsylvania couples planning to divorce had little choice but to go to court. However, because of the costs and emotional toll that accompanies litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options for divorce were introduced. Mediation is one of these methods, and it offers a less conflict-based means of sorting out your assets and debts while still giving you an enforceable agreement.

The goal of mediation is to promote settlement and compromise. Additionally, where two parties have been willing to participate in mediation in the past, this invites the opportunity to resolve future disputes in a similar fashion. This is particularly favorable for clients with young children, who have many years left of co-parenting with their spouse.

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