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Helping People Resolve Divorce Disputes With Collaborative Law

The attorneys at Purdy Law Office, LLC, find collaborative law to be an extremely rewarding portion of their practice. Like mediation, collaborative law reduces the chances of a contentious and costly divorce and often minimizes the emotional damage inflicted upon children caught up in the divorce process. This is achieved by requiring the parties to work together to reach what they feel is the best resolution, and by allowing the lawyers representing each party to facilitate an agreement rather than make decisions for the parties.

Deciding Whether Collaborative Law Is Right For You

Collaborative law is not for every couple. It requires a commitment from both parties to working toward resolution of their issues outside of a courtroom. If only one party to the collaborative process makes this sort of commitment, the process will not be successful.

Some of our Lemoyne area clients gravitate toward the collaborative process because they are interested in continuing a working relationship with the other spouse when it comes to raising their children. This means that in conjunction with the handling of their divorce matters collaboratively, parties are choosing to handle their custody issues the same way.

Pamela Purdy and Allison Hastings are collaboratively trained attorneys who enjoy utilizing this approach to achieve a result that is satisfying for both the parties and their families. If you are interested in handling your family law matter through an alternative dispute resolution process, we will explain your options, help you decide which option is best for you and walk you through the steps of the process.

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