Stages Of The Pennsylvania Adoption Process

Have you decided to adopt a child? Do you finally have the consent of your stepchild’s biological parent to move forward with the adoption process? Do you have questions about how to adopt your grandchild or a niece or nephew?

While providing a new home for a child is a joyous endeavor, adoption requires a great deal of planning. A mistake or misunderstanding of state laws can result in delays or, worse, a denial of your request. Let an experienced adoption attorney guide you.

Passionate And Experienced Adoption Attorneys In Lemoyne

At Purdy Law Office, LLC, in the Lemoyne area, we are passionate about helping families solidify their relationships with those they love. Attorney Pamela L. Purdy has personal experience with adoption as she was adopted as a child. She and the rest of our legal team know the value that adoption has in the lives of children, parents, grandparents and other relatives.

Let our experienced adoption lawyers guide you and those you love through the stages of adoption.

What You Can Expect During The Adoption Process

Knowing what is coming can help put you at ease during this process. There are just a few stages, but each is vital to a successful adoption. They include:

  • Information gathering: First, our adoption attorneys will meet with you and gather all important information about the person who will be adopted, the adopting parties, and the parent(s) whose rights you seek to terminate. This can involve obtaining background checks and establishing a history of contact with the biological parent(s).
  • Court proceedings: Usually, there are two appearances before the court: a hearing to terminate parental rights and an adoption hearing. These proceedings may be condensed where the parent(s) consents to the termination of their parental rights.
  • Act 101 agreements: Where the child’s adoptive parents want the child to have ongoing contact with their biological relatives, an Act 101 agreement may be drafted. This agreement may permit biological relatives to receive photos of their children or periodic visits. This agreement must be completed prior to finalization of the adoption to be valid.

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