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4 ways ADR can make divorce a little easier

One of the last things divorcing spouses may want to do once they have filed for divorce is to sit in a room and make very difficult decisions together. However, as upsetting as this might seem, working together in a neutral or collaborative setting could make this process a little easier.

Don't believe these 3 mediation myths

When moving towards divorce, spouses are likely doing so with little knowledge about their options. Often, the information that they do have comes from internet searches, TV shows, and other third parties. Unfortunately, much of the information garnered from these sources is not accurate.

Divorce using alternative dispute resolution

Though many people believe that divorce is synonymous with a long and protracted court battle, Pennsylvania families are able to settle their differences by using alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution, which can sometimes be less taxing emotionally and financially, encompasses mediation, Collaborative Law, and cooperative practice.

Lawmaker touts benefits of collaborative law bill

The divorce process can be long, costly and emotionally draining. However, not every divorce must end up in a courtroom, as there are several alternative dispute resolution options available to separating spouses and parents. One Pennsylvania lawmaker recently extolled the benefits behind her new bill, which would help codify one such option that is known as collaborative law.

Alternative dispute resolution may be a viable option at times

In most divorce cases, when two parties are at odds in a legal matter, it may be expected that a trial is the best option for resolving the issue. However, in many cases, alternative dispute resolution methods work well. There are several different options, and Pennsylvania residents may benefit from learning about the different possibilities.

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