Mother records heartfelt message before son’s adoption

|January 24, 2018 | adoption, Firm News

An unplanned pregnancy can bring about mixed emotions for a variety of reasons.  Some parents-to-be are concerned about their lack of financial resources and personal support network.  Others are concerned about being able to care for the new child and the children they already have.  Sometimes, these circumstances cause parents to look into placing their infant for adoption. As a consequence, there are many Pennsylvania families that have been united through this choice.

Recently, a mother shared her experience in choosing an open adoption for her son. In doing so, she openly discussed the details surrounding her story. She and the child’s biological father had not been in a relationship for long when they learned that she was pregnant, and together they chose adoption.

However, just a few short months into her pregnancy, the 20-year-old father died unexpectedly.  His death shook the mother’s resolve to stick with adoption until she began thinking about the benefits of an open adoption.  Through an open adoption, the mother was able to find the right family, spend time getting to know them, and provide some input regarding her son’s future home environment.

She requested that the family allow her 48 hours with her newborn son. During that time, she recorded a video message for him to explain why he was placed with his adoptive family.

When Pennsylvania residents are interested in adoption, they should consult with an experienced and compassionate family law attorney.

Source: Today, “Mom made an emotional video before her son’s adoption,” Meghan Holohan, Jan. 10, 2018

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