More time together may mean more reasons to divorce

|December 28, 2020 | divorce

Stress is a detrimental factor that plagues many divorces. Throughout Pennsylvania, married people may find that it is harder to get along with their partners when they are worried about job security, money, health challenges, and even vacations and holidays. When individuals spend longer periods of time with their spouses, they can become more aware of the differences that exist between them and the challenges they collectively face.

At this moment in time, many American couples are spending more time together than they have in the past. As stay at home orders extend, husbands and wives are forced to share more time, space, and energy to co-exist. This, some legal experts believe, may lead to increases in divorce filings once life returns to normal, due to the many stresses that togetherness can put on marriages.

In some parts of the world, the lifting of stay at home orders has led to increased divorce filings. However, togetherness on its own is generally not a reason for partners to seek to divorce. Togetherness can exacerbate problems related to trust, fidelity, commitment, and other foundations of marriage which, when stressed under extreme togetherness, may lead some to elect to file for divorce.

Preparing for the divorce process can be hard for individuals who did not foresee needing to begin the steps to file. However, the stresses of personal, marital, and even global concerns can push individuals to examine their desires and pursue their dreams, regardless of what relationships must end to achieve them. Getting a divorce is not something that an individual must do on their own. They can begin by finding a trusted divorce attorney who supports their needs and advocates for their legal rights.

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