How does divorce impact children?

|January 1, 2020 | divorce

Most divorcing parents are worried about how their children will react to divorce. The manner in which parents approach divorce may make a difference on how it affects their children.

Studies have shown that divorce can be difficult for children to comprehend. On the other hand, when parents effectively approach divorce, children often adapt to the change with little animosity.

How children are affected by divorce depends on how well the parents communicate with each other and their children.

The importance of a communicative co-parenting relationship

One of the most important aspects of a co-parenting relationship is communication. When parents communicate with each other and their children, the children can more easily adjust to the new family dynamic.

A study found that children benefit when their parents:

  • Communicate in a supportive and cooperative manner
  • Back each other’s rules/work as a team
  • Do not argue in front of their children
  • Don’t speak poorly about the other parent to the children

These co-parenting tips can be helpful for married, non-married or divorcing parents. A successful co-parenting relationship conveys solidarity and a common purpose among the family.

Do parents stay together for the holidays?

January sees the most divorce filings of any month. Many parents try to stay together for the holidays, but when the holiday season ceases, the divorce filings commence.

No matter the time or reason for divorce, parents should aim to end their marriage on amicable terms, if possible. A non-contentious divorce can keep finances and mental health intact.

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