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How can co-parent collaboration help your child through divorce?

A Pennsylvania parent like you will do anything for your child. You work hard to keep them happy, healthy and safe. You want to mitigate any hardships and struggles they may face. But what happens when you are the cause of the hardship?

This is the situation many divorcing parents face. Though you want to avoid harming your child, this is difficult to avoid with something as life-changing as divorce. But are there ways to make it easier for them to handle it?

Sharing ideas and information with a co-parent

When Psychology Today discusses ways to approach divorce, they emphasize collaboration. This is one of the easiest ways you can make the transition between pre and post-divorce life smoother.

First, collaborating closely allows you to share ideas, information and points of discussion. You can decide together what you want to discuss and what you want to avoid. You can rehearse your discussions first, allowing you to work through any snags that might appear. You can prepare answers to questions your child may have and know to give the same answer.

Maintaining civility promotes good coping skills

Next, collaborating with a co-parent through divorce teaches your child important life lessons. It lets them see that even in difficult situations, it is possible to remain civil and work together to create a solution that works for everyone.

Third, it relieves some of your child’s anxieties. Many children fear the unraveling of their family when a divorce happens. By cooperating and maintaining civility, you show them that you can still work together and remain a presence in their life even after a divorce. This also helps prevent them from self-blaming and assures them of your continued love and support.

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