Having a co-parent schedule can maintain consistency

When getting a divorce, most Pennsylvania residents understand that their decisions will affect more people than just them. In particular, parents know that their children may face challenges as well. As a result, many parents choose to focus on co-parenting in the hopes of maintaining consistency and ensuring the well-being of their children.

Of course, like with any arrangement, co-parenting can have its difficulties. Even after two parents are divorced, they may need to fine tune their co-parenting habits periodically and modify custody agreements to ensure that they continue to benefit their children. Because children, especially young children, thrive on routine, ensuring consistency between households can go a long way in helping the family succeed.

At times, co-parenting may also require flexibility.   Inevitably, one parent will not be able to meet for a scheduled custody exchange or may need assistance taking a child to an appointment. It is important for both parents to recognize that these deviations are unavoidable so that unnecessary conflict does not arise.

When two parents struggle to reach agreements regarding co-parenting decisions or changes to their agreement, there are a variety of resources available to assist them in working through those issues.  Parents can work with a co-parenting counselor who acts as a neutral therapeutic professional skilled in helping the parties understand the other’s perspective.  They can also work with a mediator trained in conflict resolution outside of the court system.

Committing to co-parent effectively is in the best interests of your children. If you have questions about co-parenting and how to best serve the needs of your children, contact a Pennsylvania family law attorney.

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