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Finding happiness for divorcees over 50

A divorce is never an easy option for a Pennsylvania resident who chooses to end their marital union. However, the complications that come with a divorce can be more dramatic for some divorcees than others. One group that needs to plan for potential complications before securing a divorce is couples over 50 years old. The good news is that people who divorce after 50 can find happiness with themselves and others again.


Individuals who choose to end a marriage that has consumed a large part of their lives are in for a culture shock of sorts. It is not uncommon for couples married for decades to immerse themselves in their roles as spouses, parents and grandparents. It can take a bit of time to adjust, but it can feel good for the divorcee to rediscover who they are as an individual.

Happiness alone

Many people spend years in a marriage they no longer want due to a fear of living life alone. But many older divorcees find that they enjoy coming and going without answering to a spouse for the first time in years. They may also find that feelings they mistakenly believed would be loneliness turn out to be peace and tranquility.

Finding strength

People over 50 years of age often forget the strengths that served them so well in the past. Individuals may feel like failures if a long-term marriage turns to a pending divorce, but it is just as natural for older divorcees to remember that it was their strength of character that helped to build a long-term relationship in the first place. This same strength will prove useful to divorcees as they learn they are just as capable of a successful life on their own as they were with a partner.

Ending a long-term marriage is one of the most difficult decisions most people will make in their lifetimes. Individuals who decide to terminate a marital union may find it helpful to speak with an attorney before initiating the process.

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