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Skilled Assistance With Property Division In High-Asset Divorces

Dividing marital assets during a divorce can be stressful, and at times, fraught with deceit. This is particularly common when one or both spouses have amassed many assets or own one or more highly valuable assets.

If you are facing a divorce and have questions regarding the division of your marital estate, seek the advice of an attorney who is knowledgeable about dividing marital property. At Purdy Law Office, LLC, in the Lemoyne area, our skilled divorce lawyers have years of experience handling complex and high-asset divorces and property division matters for clients throughout Central Pennsylvania. Let us help you understand your options and ensure that you obtain the assets you are entitled to.

Identifying And Evaluating Marital Assets In Pennsylvania

An in-depth analysis of which assets must be included in the marital estate is required during the divorce process. These assets may include:

  • Primary and secondary residences
  • Business and real estate holdings
  • Pensions and retirement accounts

It is not unusual for a once-trusted spouse to hide assets from the other. Since these assets must be located to effectuate an equitable property division, we call upon experts like forensic accountants to help locate money and property that may have gone unnoticed for years.

Our lawyers also work with real estate appraisers and business valuators to obtain values for property and businesses that opposing counsel and the court will accept.

Partnering With Experts And Other Professionals

Throughout the divorce process, we will work with other professionals you trust, including your real estate agent, accountant and financial planner, to safeguard what you have worked hard to amass. We can also refer you to reputable professionals that can help you understand and control your financial future. This is especially helpful for clients who previously left the management of finances to their spouse.

Post-Decree Details

At Purdy Law Office, LLC, we consider it our privilege to guide you through all of your post-divorce issues. Common post-divorce issues include the enforcement of your Property Settlement Agreement, the payment of alimony, the transfer of assets from one spouse to another, and basic estate issues.

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