Could you change your child custody arrangement?

After establishing your child custody order, you might feel as though it is etched in stone until your youngest child turns 18. Though not all issues warrant a change to your order, certain circumstances might leave you wanting to make some changes.

If your current visitation schedule is working for you, your former spouse and your children, a court may not be willing to change it. However, if the court agrees that the change you petition for is in the best interest of your children, they may consider making a modification. Under what circumstances could you request to modify your custody arrangement?

What is best for your children?

When you petition for a modification, there must be a significant reason for a court to grant a change. For example, some of the ways a modified arrangement might benefit your children include:

  • Parental relocation – Depending on how far away your ex is moving, a modification might be the best way to maintain consistency for your children.
  • A threat of danger – If the court determines your children are in danger with your ex, they may consider modifying your custody arrangement.
  • Violation of the current arrangement – When one parent fails to adhere to the original arrangement, a court may consider allowing a change in your visitation schedule.

If you feel modifying your custody order is in the best interest of your children, you might want to speak with your ex to see if the two of you can reach an agreement. No matter the hurts and disagreements that may remain between the two of you, you should continue striving to put your children first.

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