Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

Property division is one of the most important matters you’ll deal with in your divorce. Among the many kinds of property and assets you may have to split with your spouse, deciding what to do with your marital home can be a point of contention, depending on the situation. Your divorce lawyer can skillfully handle […]

401K accounts and property division settlements

|December 28, 2020 | Property Division

From joint debts to family homes to hard-earned retirement savings, the range of things that a couple must figure out how to address when getting a divorce seems to have no end. Even though a 401K account is held in one spouse’s name only, it may well be identified as a shared marital asset. When […]

Keep an eye on your finances during the divorce process

|December 28, 2020 | Property Division

Divorce is never easy, but it is a time where it is important to keep an eye on your finances. This may not be the first thing you think about when your marriage is crumbling, but it is a move that can help you as you work through the divorce process. Keep an eye on […]

What are the options for dividing a family home during divorce?

|December 28, 2020 | Property Division

Figuring out what to do with the family home during divorce can be daunting. For that reason, divorcing couples should be familiar with the options available to them through the property division process. Here are some options for dividing a home during divorce. Sell the home and divide the proceeds Selling the home and dividing […]

Navigating the financial factors of divorce

|December 28, 2020 | Property Division

Money is a major factor in your life like other individuals in Pennsylvania. You and your spouse have spent years saving to purchase the perfect family home, to have a family and to create a retirement plan that will allow the two of you to retire by a certain age and do the things you […]

Minimizing the impact of 401(k) division during divorce

|September 30, 2020 | Property Division

Past posts on this blog detailed the potential long-term financial impact divorce can have on one’s life (including their retirement plans). Indeed, many people often feel blindsided when they enter into the property division portion of their divorce proceedings and discover that their 401(k) accounts are subject to division (or, more specifically, those contributions made […]

Selecting a real estate agent in a divorce

With divorce comes a change in your living arrangements, as you move from married life to life as a single individual. When a couple in Pennsylvania divorces, sometimes they decide to sell their family home and split the proceeds. Other times, one spouse will move out of their marital residence and into a new home […]

Follow the money in divorce

Ending a marriage can upset many parts of your life, especially your finances. You should take several precautions from when you seriously begin to think about divorce until after the decree is issued to protect your finances and your rights. First, document any conversations you have about divorce. Change all the passwords for your e-mail, […]

Assessing your finances before choosing to divorce

Before asking for a divorce, the spouse thinking of divorce must decide if that is truly what they want, from both an emotional and financial perspective. While the emotional side of whether or not to ask for a divorce is nebulous, the financial perspective can be more objective. Further, assessing one’s financial situation pre-divorce and […]

How to protect a retirement account in divorce

For the past 20 years, divorce rates for people over age 50 have steadily risen. Citing financial management reasons, addiction, infidelity, and more, “grey divorce” can cause seniors no small amount of stress. An older spouse considering divorce likely has many questions about the legal consequences of their divorce. Splitting the property and assets of […]

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