How to Write an IEP from a Parent’s Perspective – Part 5

|March 1, 2024 | IEP

This is the last of a 5-blog series about how to write an IEP from a parent’s perspective. If you are seeing this blog before the others, please go back and read the other blogs. We talked about present levels and parents’ vision statements, SMARTER goals, specially designed instruction, and transition plans for high school. […]

How to Write an IEP from a Parent’s Perspective – Part 4

|March 1, 2024 | IEP

In the previous blogs, we talked about present levels with a parent’s vision statement, SMARTER goals, and specially designed instruction. This blog will discuss the formal transition plan for high school students. Strategic planning for your child’s future involves the crucial process of reverse engineering. Revisit our initial blog, where we delved into the concept […]

How to Write an IEP from a Parent’s Perspective – Part 3

|March 1, 2024 | IEP

In the previous two blogs, we talked about present levels and SMARTER goals. In this blog, we will delve into specially designed instruction (SDIs). Although these SDIs may appear similar to what would be written into a 504 plan, this is what sets the IEP apart from a 504 plan. Remember, we mentioned in the […]

How to Write an IEP from a Parent’s Perspective – Part 2

|January 30, 2024 | IEP

In the previous blog, we discussed the Present Levels Section. Here, we will dive into the Goals Section of the individual education plan (IEP). First, IEPs are not solely academic. You can have goals for behavior, social skills, emotional regulation, and related services (occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.). Regardless of the type of goal, you […]

How to Write an IEP from a Parents’ Perspective – Part 1

|January 30, 2024 | IEP

When a child with a disability needs specially designed instruction, they qualify for an individual education plan (IEP) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), U.S. federal law. This 30+ page document contains information about the child, including present levels, diagnosis, goals, specially designed instruction, transition planning, related services, and how much time they […]

Breaking Down IEPs and 504 plans: What Every Parent Needs to Know

|October 31, 2023 | IEP

The evaluation is completed. The evaluation team sat down to discuss the results. The team agreed that your child qualifies for an IEP (individual education program), but the school insists that a 504 plan is really all that is needed. What do you do?  If the TEAM agrees that the child qualifies for an IEP, […]

IEPs: What Parents Need to Know

|October 25, 2023 | IEP

In the world of education law, few acronyms carry as much weight as “IEP.” An Individualized Education Program(IEP) is a crucial document designed to ensure that every child receives a tailored education that meets their unique needs. For parents navigating the complex landscape of education law, understanding IEPs is paramount. In this blog, we’ll delve […]

What to do if your Co-Parent disagrees

|August 11, 2023 | education law, IEP

What if you believe your child needs help and the other parent disagrees? We are often asked about what to do when you want to have your child evaluated for special education services at school or privately, and the other parent disagrees. What are you allowed to do? According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education […]

Preparing for an IEP Meeting

|March 17, 2023 | IEP

Most of us are not happy campers when it comes to long meetings, especially at IEP time. Did you know that you can cut the amount of time you spend in an IEP meeting with a few simple steps? First, two weeks prior to the meeting, write an email to the IEP team indicating what […]

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