Selecting a real estate agent in a divorce

With divorce comes a change in your living arrangements, as you move from married life to life as a single individual. When a couple in Pennsylvania divorces, sometimes they decide to sell their family home and split the proceeds. Other times, one spouse will move out of their marital residence and into a new home […]

Assessing your finances before choosing to divorce

Before asking for a divorce, the spouse thinking of divorce must decide if that is truly what they want, from both an emotional and financial perspective. While the emotional side of whether or not to ask for a divorce is nebulous, the financial perspective can be more objective. Further, assessing one’s financial situation pre-divorce and […]

What should I expect from the property division process?

In Pennsylvania, property is divided equitably when a couple decides to divorce. What exactly that means may be different for each couple so it is helpful for divorcing couples to have a handle on the basics of property division. Equitable property division refers to dividing property in a manner that is as fair as possible […]

Addressing business ownership in divorce

One of the most challenging elements of divorce is untangling a couple’s assets to arrive at a fair and equitable solution. This is more complicated when one or more businesses are involved. While all judges are different, they generally do not like to divide a company in a divorce because these arrangements seldom go well. […]

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