Thinking about your adult children in a gray divorce

|October 19, 2022 | blog, divorce

If you and your spouse are heading for divorce and you share adult children, there are many factors for you to consider. Your adult children may struggle with your divorce more than you expect and there are several ways you can help them as your family transitions to your new normal. What is a gray […]

What do people consider most when deciding on the future of a relationship?

|March 9, 2022 | blog, divorce

What factors influence a person’s decision to move forward in a relationship or to end it? Not everyone considers the future of their relationship in an overly formal or even conscious way. However, anyone who is dating or married is probably aware that certain issues have the ability to sway their decisions, in small or […]

3 ways to protect your mental health during divorce

|February 15, 2022 | blog, family law

When you decided to get divorced, you likely recognized the process would be difficult. But you may not have fully understood how the process could impact your mental health. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, approximately 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. experience a mental illness every year. The following strategies can help you protect […]

How Co-Parents Can Prevent Disputes Over Gift Giving

|October 27, 2021 | blog, family law

The holidays bring about good feelings for many. However, for single parents, holiday gift-giving may cause stress and anger. Disputes between co-parents may escalate as gift-giving events approach. One parent may feel pressure to keep up with the other parent’s spending. Gift duplication may prove a real prospect and cause anxiety. To help, learn some […]

How should you tell your grandchildren about your divorce?

|August 23, 2021 | blog, family law

Divorce rates are on the rise among Americans ages 55 and older. The oldest generations face challenges when they decide to end their marriages, and this often includes not only deciding how to tell their children, but how to reassure their grandchildren as well. If you and your spouse have decided to pursue a so-called […]

What happens when co-parents can’t agree on their child’s medical treatment?

|August 23, 2021 | blog, child custody

Divorced parents often have to work together to determine what is best for their children, especially if they have joint legal custody. However, when a child needs medical treatment and neither co-parent can agree on how to proceed, what should they do? When co-parenting, both parties can typically resolve minor issues that come up, but […]

How to know if marriage counseling will work for you

|August 23, 2021 | blog, divorce

If you and your spouse have noticed a decline in your relationship and the overall quality of your marriage, you may have thought of trying marriage counseling. If you both want your relationship to continue, couple’s therapy can help you strengthen your bond while working through your conflicts. A marriage counseling therapist might incorporate several […]

Finding happiness for divorcees over 50

|March 9, 2021 | blog, divorce

A divorce is never an easy option for a Pennsylvania resident who chooses to end their marital union. However, the complications that come with a divorce can be more dramatic for some divorcees than others. One group that needs to plan for potential complications before securing a divorce is couples over 50 years old. The […]

Why are gray divorces becoming more common?

|December 28, 2020 | blog, divorce

Decades ago, getting divorced when you were over the age of 40 was practically unthinkable. But in recent years, gray divorce has been on the rise. In fact, studies have shown that 25% of divorces involve people who are age 50 or older. It’s hard to point to one specific factor, but it seems that […]

How couples should ready their finances when facing divorce

|December 28, 2020 | blog, divorce

For couples who are filing for divorce in Pennsylvania and across the United States, the process can be taxing both emotionally and financially. Amid the upheaval of divorce, couples should be proactive about preparing themselves financially now and in the future. Once a couple knows that divorce is imminent, they should begin tracking their regular […]

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