Is adoption the right choice for you?

At some point in their lives, many people consider adopting a child. Whether they are insprired by someone else’s adoption story or wish to adopt a stepchild, this decision should be accompanied by seeking answers to your burning questions.  Is this the right time in my life? How much will this cost?  Does my spouse have to adopt the child…

Preparing to adopt? What to expect from the home study

|February 7, 2019 | adoption, Firm News

If you are hoping to welcome a child or infant into your home through adoption, you should know that there are numerous steps to the process.  For instance, most prospective adoptive parents in Pennsylvania will undergo a home study prior to adoption. The home study is the process through which a child agent or licensed social worker inspects a home…

Resources coming for PA grandparents who adopt grandchildren

|November 7, 2018 | adoption, Firm News

Adopting a child is a joyous occasion for the adoptive parents and the adopted child. Often, the child is becoming part of a family unit after growing up without appropriate parental care. In other instances, a child’s previously stable home may have been abruptly disrupted by a parent’s criminal charges or substance abuse issues.  In Pennsylvania, the opiod epidemic has…

What’s the difference between a closed and open adoption?

If you want to adopt a child, you have a lot of important decisions to make. One such important decision is whether you prefer an open or closed adoption. In this post, we will explain the differences between the types of adoptions and what you should consider before making any decisions about adoption. Open adoptions In an open adoption, the…

What to know about termination of parental rights before adoption

Adopting a child can be a wonderful, life-enriching experience for any prospective parent. Whether you want to adopt a baby from across the world or the teenage son or daughter of your partner, becoming a legal parent to a child is an event worth celebrating. However, there are challenges along the road to adoption, including the process of terminating another…

Grandparents: What to know if you want to adopt a grandchild

When people think about adopting a child, they often think about a young parent or couple looking to start or expand their family. However, there are millions of grandparents taking on the role of parent today. Often, grandparents seek to adopt grandchildren not out of a desire to become parents again but out of necessity […]

Siblings who wanted to stay together may be closer to adoption

|February 16, 2018 | adoption, Firm News

In Pennsylvania alone, there are countless children longing for a family and home of their own. For many of them, adoption may feel like a lifetime away. For one set of siblings in Kansas, however, the wait may finally be coming to an end. Almost 11 months ago, one state agency ran a short story about […]

Mother records heartfelt message before son’s adoption

|January 24, 2018 | adoption, Firm News

An unplanned pregnancy can bring about mixed emotions for a variety of reasons.  Some parents-to-be are concerned about their lack of financial resources and personal support network.  Others are concerned about being able to care for the new child and the children they already have.  Sometimes, these circumstances cause parents to look into placing their […]

Both reasons and trends for adoption have changed over time

|November 29, 2017 | adoption, Firm News

Nationally, there are an estimated 100,000 children in the foster care system. National Adoption Day was recently celebrated as a way to draw attention to these children’s needs. According to historical notes, children were previously viewed as a contributing member of the household once they were old enough to work and provide for the overall […]

Woman accused of running an adoption scheme

|November 1, 2017 | adoption, Firm News

Couples who are unable to have their own biological children may always dream of becoming a family. In these situations, many may consider adoption as a way of providing a child with a loving home. Pennsylvania residents have many options, however, not every opportunity is what it seems. Recently, one woman has been accused of […]

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