Can you date during your divorce proceedings?

While it may seem premature or taboo, there is no law that prevents separated spouses from being in relationships with other people during their divorce proceedings. Your soon to be former spouse cannot prevent you from dating or even demand that you receive less property in your divorce simply because you are in a new relationship. This does not mean, however, that there are not circumstances where a new relationship could throw a wrench into your custody and divorce matters.  

Cohabitation and alimony

Alimony, also known as support after you are divorced, is a secondary remedy available in divorce actions.  However, where the spouse raising this claim is cohabitating with their significant other, the court will not award alimony.  You should consult with a Pennsylvania family law attorney to understand what cohabitation means.

Introducing a new significant other to children

Learning that their children are meeting the other parent’s new boyfriend or girlfriend can send even the most agreeable co-parents over the edge.  This is further complicated where the new significant other has a criminal record or a substance abuse problem.  As a result, the introduction of a new person is often a good topic to discuss ahead of time with your spouse.  Some parents utilize a neutral therapetuic professional to facilitate this discussion and help establish ground rules regarding the introductions of significant others.

Dating during your divorce may be legal and permissible, but it does not mean that it cannot complicate matters. Divorcing parties should discuss their concerns with a family law attorney.  

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