Can a lack of civility jeopardize your divorce outcome?

|April 3, 2020 | divorce

Divorce can bring out the worst in the best of people. When a marriage ends, spouses who have loved and supported each other for years often find themselves without one good thing to say about the other.

Those negative feelings can reach a breaking point, prompting someone to let loose with a snarky comment or two about their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. However, that behavior can often damage reputations, as well as family dynamics and the chance for a favorable divorce outcome.

Why keeping your cool is a better option

Venting about a spouse can often bring some short-lived satisfaction, but there are more benefits to taking the high road, including:

  • Getting a fair share of assets: Disparaging a spouse in public or through social media can harm both parties’ reputations. The impact can hurt business relationships and lower earning potential, which could result in fewer assets to split.
  • Custody arrangements: Courts focus on the well-being of children in custody decisions. Airing grievances against the other parent, or putting kids in the middle of a dispute, can lead judges to decide they are better off spending less time with the complaining spouse.
  • Avoiding stress: Divorce is stressful, even when both spouses get along. Pursuing a contentious and bitter fight can make the process even more challenging and potentially eliminate any chance for a positive relationship going forward, particularly when it comes to co-parenting.

Momentary meltdowns can leave long-term scars

Even if a spouse lets their frustration overwhelm their self-control one time, that may be all it takes to get back to a judge, who doesn’t know that the behavior may be out of character. An experienced and compassionate family law attorney here in Pennsylvania can help you keep your emotions in check by staying focused on reaching the best possible outcome.

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