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4 realities of litigating a divorce that you should understand

If you are considering divorce or have already decided to divorce, then you may be scared, angry and anxious. These emotions are undoubtedly painful and they can make you feel defensive and ready to fight your way to a resolution.

Digital stalking becoming problem, especially during divorce

Years ago, if a suspicious spouse wanted to keep tabs on a partner, he or she might resort to hiring a private detective to gather evidence of infidelity or other breaches of trust. While this may have been unsettling for the target of the spying, it may pale in comparison to some of the tools that are now being employed during a divorce. Pennsylvania residents who are concerned about any aspect of an impending separation or divorce may seek more information about protecting themselves.

Managing special days when getting a divorce

After one family home splits into two, parents and children are tasked with celebrating special occasions and holidays in the context of a new family dynamic. Parents and children alike may be experiencing stress about the upcoming holiday schedule and both parents may worry about how to meaningfully celebrate a holiday with their children outside of their normal routine.

Tax code revisions could add to burden of divorce for many

Asserting that the tax code needs updating, Congress is currently working on revisions to tax laws that will likely have an impact on every Pennsylvania resident in one way or another. One component that may make the divorce process more complicated would directly impact the spouse who is ordered to pay alimony. The law is expected to affect couples who enter into divorce agreements beginning January 1, 2018.

Some jobs may increase likelihood of divorce

By its nature, a marriage requires tremendous amounts of time and energy in order for it to survive -- let alone thrive. Needless to say, if one's occupation also requires an equal amount of time and energy, then it may not be surprising when a divorce ensues. While there are seemingly endless career choices for Pennsylvania residents, there are several occupations that tend to have a higher divorce rate.

Considering which assets are worth their costs in a divorce

While it is true that the end of a marriage is emotionally taxing, it still may be worth the effort to pay close attention to the financial aspects. Not every asset is worth its weight when the monetary costs of the divorce are calculated. Pennsylvania has its own laws regarding the division of property, but there are a few points to keep in mind when working toward a settlement agreement.

No Fault Divorce

In a move designed to ease the toll that the divorce process takes on families, the state of Pennsylvania has amended its waiting period from one to two years, beginning in December 2016.

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