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Custody Orders: modification and enforceability

The ending of a marriage in a divorce is a difficult and emotionally complex time for all of the parties involved. The determination of child custody can likewise be just as troubling, especially for children and a parent who is not awarded primary physical custody. However, there are avenues a non-custodial parent can pursue under Pennsylvania laws that may allow a court to modify these orders.

More states considering the benefits of shared child custody

Several decades ago, it was typical for a family court judge to rule that the mother is the default parent and that fathers would be awarded the right to visit their child on a set schedule. That approach has been revised over the past few years as more courts are considering the merits of shared child custody. Pennsylvania has its own laws that do permit joint custody.

NFL player, Jimmy Smith, in midst of child custody dispute

Relationships among high profile athletes often come under intense scrutiny from fans, especially when those relationships do not end happily. These sports professionals often find themselves caught up in acrimonious child custody disputes filled with allegations that may or may not be true. Football fans living in Pennsylvania may be aware of such a dispute involving Raven's cornerback, Jimmy Smith. 

Study points to shared child custody as better option for many

Traditionally, when parents divorced, family court judges usually ordered that mothers would be the primary care provider and fathers would be relegated to part-time parenting. However, in spite of the intention to spare children the conflict that may erupt between parents, a recent study points to shared child custody being a better option. Pennsylvania has its own laws regarding parenting arrangements, but shared custody is one possibility.

Lawmaker seeks to modify how child custody time is determined

Marriages can be a blessing when things are going well or a curse when they are not. Some couples may decide that divorce is a better option, especially if minor children are frequently subjected to a hostile marital environment. However, the parents will be faced with making a parenting plan concerning care of the children. Pennsylvania has its own child custody laws that will need to be considered when addressing these issues.

How grandparents can protect their access to their grandchildren

If you are a grandparent and are being denied access to your grandchildren, you are probably frustrated and heartbroken. It is unfortunate, yet common, for adult children to deny such access to grandparents, especially during emotionally charged disputes. A parent could be upset with continued financial support or wants to cut off the other parent and their entire family, including you.

Do grandparents have rights in Pennsylvania?

When custody rights are a factor in a divorce, parents are often at the center. But because grandparents are so often involved in raising children, they may also be entitled to visitation and perhaps even custody, depending on the situation. In Pennsylvania, the court may indeed grant grandparents' visitation requests provided it is in the best interest of the child.

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