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Divorcing after 50? You’re not alone.

When someone gets a divorce at a later stage in life, there is often a question they might ask themselves: is there something wrong with me? There is nothing wrong with you, and you are not alone. In fact, while divorce rates for younger generations have decreased or...

What Happens To Retirement Funds In Divorce?

Divorce can turn anyone’s life upside down. But for those nearing retirement, an additional concern rears its head: What will happen to the retirement funds I worked so hard to build? The consistent increase in the divorce rate for couples over 50 over the last...

Is adoption the right choice for you?

At some point in their lives, many people consider adopting a child. Whether they are insprired by someone else’s adoption story or wish to adopt a stepchild, this decision should be accompanied by seeking answers to your burning questions.  Is this the right...