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On The Rise: Custody Disputes Over High School Football

A Pennsylvania man has gone to court to prevent his 17-year-old son from playing football. According to the New York Times, the case is part of a national trend. As public knowledge regarding the long-term effects of football injuries - and brain injuries in particular - has evolved, there has been a marked "increase in fights over whether to amend custody orders to prevent...children from playing the game."

Understanding open adoption

Until the last few decades the profile of adoptive parents changed very little. The typical adoptive family was a married couple who sought to adopt an infant. Now children of all ages are adopted by parents at various stages in life. As adoption profiles have changed, so have the nature of adoptions.

Your choice of divorce mediator could affect your negotiations

Perhaps you and your soon-to-be former spouse made the conscious decision to stay out of court. You want to use mediation to resolve your issues and reach a fair and equitable settlement. You both agree that this provides you with the best option for ending your marriage as amicably as possible.

Stepparent adoption is challenging and rewarding

Becoming a stepparent can be both challenging and rewarding.  Sometimes, you are learning to co-parent with two other active parents. Other times, you are filling a void left by an absent or inconsistent parent.  In those instances where you are performing duties a biological parent has failed to, you may be considering adopting your stepchild.

No fault doesn't mean no reason when it comes to divorce

You've probably heard of (or perhaps even known someone who has experienced) long, drawn out courtroom battles marked by emotional outbursts, contentious debates and mudslinging between spouses as they fight their way through divorce proceedings. In fact, this description of divorce is so common that you might have felt a bit out of the loop when you decided to sever marital ties for reasons that had nothing to do with fault. In Pennsylvania, no fault divorces are recognized by the court.

Creative custody may be the answer to your stability worries

When you decided to pursue divorce, you may have immediately begun worrying about your children's future. Perhaps stories of high risk behavior in children of divorce increased your anxiety level. On the other hand, you may know a few people whose children have seemingly fared quite well since their parents split; of course, you're hoping your family has similar results to the latter as opposed to the former.

Shared parenting bucks the trend of sole custody

It may seem obvious to say, but most divorces involve conflict. However, you may find comfort in hearing that the conflict, while intense in the throes of divorce, typically fades during the years immediately afterward. Unfortunately, the child custody rulings made in the heat of conflict may remain in place throughout the child's life.

How to blend families while preventing parenting plan problems

If you're one of many Pennsylvania residents who divorced in recent years, you may deserve a pat on the back for overcoming the challenges you likely faced in the process. Especially, if you're a parent, chances are you and your kids have had to make several adjustments in lifestyle that proved difficult. As time went on, you probably felt like life was getting back on track. The kids were doing well and you met someone new whom you plan to marry.

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