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Romantic relationships in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that involve couples with a significant age difference between them are sometimes referred to as May-December romances. Like most love affairs, May-December relationships may start with a great deal of romance. The bad news is that recent studies show that these types of marriages may be more susceptible to ending in divorce.

The research that revealed this trend observed 13 years of data from more than 8,000 homes and nearly 10,000 couples. The study sought to measure how marriage satisfaction changes over time when a significant age gap exists between parties to a marriage.

Researchers found that there is not much difference in the early years of a marriage involving couples with a large age disparity when compared to other couples. However, the study shows that the younger partner often loses interest in their older spouse 6 to 10 years into the marriage.

A second study showed that the prospects of a marriage ending in divorce increased as the age difference between spouses widened. The data showed that if the parties to the marriage are one to five years apart in age, the difference will not have much effect on the success or failure of a marriage. However, more significant differences in age can make the long-term possibilities for marital bliss unlikely.

No one enters a marriage with the expectation that it will fail. However, the data shows that marriages with a wide age gap are more likely to end in divorce. A skilled family law attorney may prove helpful to clients who wish to get on with rebuilding their lives as quickly and seamlessly as possible.