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Understanding the basics about child custody

For parents in Pennsylvania who are going through a divorce, there is oftentimes one primary issue that can keep them up at night as the case is pending: child custody. After all, parents always want what is best for their children. However, what that is, exactly, is...

Age is a big factor in today’s divorce rates

Statistics show a decline in divorce over the past decade. Those numbers have a lot of factors at play behind them, but a fascinating piece of the puzzle is the age at which people are divorcing today. As millennials have aged, they’ve also bumped up the average age...

Have the Four Horsemen found your marriage?

They’re better known as a biblical metaphor for the end of the world, but the fabled Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have received a modern revival, courtesy of relationship expert John Gottman. Dr. Gottman’s approach to marriage analysis includes defining four...