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October 2017 Archives

Some jobs may increase likelihood of divorce

By its nature, a marriage requires tremendous amounts of time and energy in order for it to survive -- let alone thrive. Needless to say, if one's occupation also requires an equal amount of time and energy, then it may not be surprising when a divorce ensues. While there are seemingly endless career choices for Pennsylvania residents, there are several occupations that tend to have a higher divorce rate.

Study points to shared child custody as better option for many

Traditionally, when parents divorced, family court judges usually ordered that mothers would be the primary care provider and fathers would be relegated to part-time parenting. However, in spite of the intention to spare children the conflict that may erupt between parents, a recent study points to shared child custody being a better option. Pennsylvania has its own laws regarding parenting arrangements, but shared custody is one possibility.

An adoption is not the only reason to terminate parental rights

Many Pennsylvania families are headed by one if not two biological parents. However, families can take many forms for a variety of different reasons, including adoption. In order for many adoptions to take place, the existing parental rights of a biological parent may first need to be terminated.

Lawmaker seeks to modify how child custody time is determined

Marriages can be a blessing when things are going well or a curse when they are not. Some couples may decide that divorce is a better option, especially if minor children are frequently subjected to a hostile marital environment. However, the parents will be faced with making a parenting plan concerning care of the children. Pennsylvania has its own child custody laws that will need to be considered when addressing these issues.

Shared parenting bucks the trend of sole custody

It may seem obvious to say, but most divorces involve conflict. However, you may find comfort in hearing that the conflict, while intense in the throes of divorce, typically fades during the years immediately afterward. Unfortunately, the child custody rulings made in the heat of conflict may remain in place throughout the child's life.

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