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What Happens When Divorced Parents Disagree on Where to Send Their Child to School?

|November 2, 2023 | Co-parenting

One of the hardest parts about getting divorced and sharing children with your ex-spouse is the decision-making process. It’s common to hit a wall when making decisions for your children together, including where the kids should go to school. Fortunately, a custody attorney can help. Can Both Parents Make Decisions Regarding a Child’s Education Together? […]

Breaking Down IEPs and 504 plans: What Every Parent Needs to Know

|October 31, 2023 | IEP

The evaluation is completed. The evaluation team sat down to discuss the results. The team agreed that your child qualifies for an IEP (individual education program), but the school insists that a 504 plan is really all that is needed. What do you do?  If the TEAM agrees that the child qualifies for an IEP, […]

Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

Property division is one of the most important matters you’ll deal with in your divorce. Among the many kinds of property and assets you may have to split with your spouse, deciding what to do with your marital home can be a point of contention, depending on the situation. Your divorce lawyer can skillfully handle […]

IEPs: What Parents Need to Know

|October 25, 2023 | IEP

In the world of education law, few acronyms carry as much weight as “IEP.” An Individualized Education Program(IEP) is a crucial document designed to ensure that every child receives a tailored education that meets their unique needs. For parents navigating the complex landscape of education law, understanding IEPs is paramount. In this blog, we’ll delve […]

Understanding Child Support in Pennsylvania

Child support is a hot-button issue in many divorces. It’s a matter that is best resolved with a skilled Pennsylvania child support attorney on your side. Pennsylvania has developed child support calculation guidelines as outlined in the federal Child Support Enforcement Act. These guidelines take into consideration the following: Needs of the child, which include […]

What to do if your Co-Parent disagrees

|August 11, 2023 | education law, IEP

What if you believe your child needs help and the other parent disagrees? We are often asked about what to do when you want to have your child evaluated for special education services at school or privately, and the other parent disagrees. What are you allowed to do? According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education […]

3 back-to-school tips for newly separated or divorced parents

|July 27, 2023 | Co-parenting

Back-to-school season is just around the corner, and that brings additional challenges for co-parents who are newly separated or divorced. While it can be difficult to set aside all the negative feelings associated with your situation, working with your ex-partner to make the back-to-school process smoother will benefit your children and set the stage for […]

4 tips for using social media during your divorce

|June 19, 2023 | divorce

Many people use their social media to depict themselves as belonging to a particular social class. The rest of us try to be more honest, though few truly document the daily lows as well as the highs. But when something as big as a divorce happens, it can be very tempting to use Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram […]

Filing for Divorce? Get A Handle on Your Finances First

|June 12, 2023 | Firm News

When we think of filing for divorce, often the first thing that comes to mind is the emotional toll of ending a marriage. And divorce is certainly an emotional process. But divorce also has a financial impact on a divorcing couple, and it is best to get a clear picture of your financial situation before […]

At What Age is a Child’s Parental Preference Considered in Custody Cases?

|May 22, 2023 | Firm News

Unlike some states, Pennsylvania law does not designate an age in which a child’s parental preferences will be taken into consideration in custody disputes. This means that a child’s parental preference may be considered by the judge presiding over your case at any age. Officially, children cannot decide which parent they want to live with until […]

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