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Cryptocurrency can affect divorce court

Most people who have gone through a divorce will likely tell you it is a painful process. It is difficult to accept that your relationship has changed so drastically. And it might be hard to wrap your mind around how this happened to you.

Matters of child custody arrangements and property division might be difficult to navigate. However, if cryptocurrencies are involved, your disputes could get increasingly complex.

Organizing For Your Divorce

Divorce can be a grueling process and may require a significant amount of backgroud work in order to be prepared. The sooner one starts doing that work, the better positioned they may be to move efficiently through the process. Some of that work can begin even before speaking with an attorney and before filing for divorce. An article from Forbes encourages organizing financial details as early as possible.

Tips for discussing a prenup with your partner

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more common, especially among younger couples. Though they once held a stigma and seemed unnecessary for people who were not ultra-wealthy, prenups can be a valuable resource for all types of couples today.

That said, if you are among those considering a prenuptial agreement, you may still feel uncomfortable discussing the subject. However, there are a few important tips that can make it a little easier to talk about with your partner.

What a parenting coordinator can do for you and your co-parent

If you find it difficult to communicate with your co-parent, a parenting coordinator can be a useful person to help effectively manage your children’s everyday concerns. In the face of a divorce, everyday parenting decisions can seem like an inefficient (and expensive) use of your time. Parenting coordinators are here to help.

Parents of any marital status could find a parent coordinator’s services useful. If you would like to communicate with your co-parent better, or improve your children’s communication skills, they may be the solution.

How the reason for your divorce can affect your actual divorce

When two people divorce, there are likely numerous reasons each person could state for the demise of the relationships. Often, though, there is one primary event or behavior that ultimately pushes the relationship beyond repair.

That reason can have a dramatic impact on the trajectory of the divorce process in various ways.

Preparing to adopt? What to expect from the home study

If you are hoping to welcome a child or infant into your home through adoption, you should know that there are numerous steps to the process. 

For instance, most prospective adoptive parents in Pennsylvania will undergo a home study prior to adoption. The home study is the process through which a child agent or licensed social worker inspects a home to ensure it is safe and clean. Below are some tips to help you prepare for an upcoming home study.

Parenting coordination for custody offers an alternative to court

Divorced parents struggling to agree on or implement a parenting plan will soon have another tool at their disposal: parenting coordination. This process allows adversarial parents to work with a skilled coordinator who will help them try to overcome conflicts and make decisions about their custody issues. This form of alternative dispute resolution can help avoid unnecessary re-litigation, while ensuring a parenting plan that is in the child's best interests.

Parenting coordination was eliminated in Pennsylvania in 2013 due to concerns about due process rights for the participants. However, the process was reexamined in the years since, and an updated version of the process will be available to parents starting March 1.

Does everything have to change after divorce?

Divorce is undoubtedly a significant life event. As such, it typically results in a lot of change. People move, they have different financial resources and their lifestyle can change considerably.

Some change can be a good thing, especially when it is a change from an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage. However, too much change can prove to be overwhelming. If you find this to be the case, understand that not everything has to change after a divorce. There are some things that can stay the same.

Parental alienation: What it is, what parents can do about it

A parent's greatest fear in the wake of a divorce can be losing time and a quality relationship with their children. And unfortunately, divorce can adversely impact a parent-child relationship, especially if one parent engages in parental alienation.

Parental alienation involves behaviors by one parent to create or foster an unjustifiable rejection by a child of one of his or her parent. It is a highly divisive and complex matter. However, in this post we will briefly explain what it can look like and what you can do if you believe the other parent of your child has engaged in these harmful behaviors.

4 things to avoid when going through a divorce

Divorce puts people in very difficult positions. Parties who once hoped to spend their lives together must not separate their assets, their time with their children and their lives. Therefore, people may do or say things they later regret.

While every case is different, know that there are some general missteps you will want to avoid if you are divorcing. 

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