Avoid divorce litigation with the ADR process

Those involved in or worried about a contentious divorce proceeding should know that there are alternatives to litigation. Pennsylvania family law disputes can be resolved amicably through a negotiated settlement, which our law firm encourages.

Our attorneys have specialized training to reach negotiated settlements through a process known as, Alternative Dispute Resolution. When used during divorce proceedings, the ADR process includes mediation and collaborative law.

In mediation, or a mediated dispute, a neutral third-party attorney guides the parties to find mutually beneficial solutions and compromises. Then, once an agreement is reached, the attorney drafts an enforceable agreement.

In the collaborative law process, instead of having a neutral third-party attorney, both sides have their own collaboratively trained attorneys. These attorneys work together to find mutually beneficial solutions and compromises, and then draft an enforceable agreement.

In both of these processes, our ADR trained attorneys may conduct meetings with just the attorneys to narrow the issues involved. In addition, our attorneys may conduct group meetings. The ADR process is about finding solutions without the need for a judge to decide issues. It empowers the parties to decide their own fate.

Regardless of which option works best for our clients though, we take a comprehensive approach to find client-centric solutions. This means that we work with professionals from other fields to help our clients through both the emotional and financial issues that come up during the divorce process, including accountants, mental health care providers, and more.

For many clients, the best option for divorce proceedings may be found not in a courtroom, but through the ADR process. For more information about mediation, collaborative law, and the ADR process, visit our law firm’s ADR webpage.

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