Adoption may not be out of the question

|September 14, 2017 | adoption, Firm News

There seems to be a common misconception out there that it is too complex and expensive to consider bringing a child in need of a home into one’s family. However, while the adoption process can be lengthy and involved, it may not be out of the realm of possibility if one can meet certain requirements. Pennsylvania families who have contemplated this process may be more qualified than they thought.

In the past, adoption may have been an option for only a select few as many thought they could not meet the four main criteria in order to be considered a suitable home. However, while there are requirements, they may not be as stringent as believed. The first question may be whether one is too old to be considered a fit parent. However, some agencies tend to look at the quality of life that the prospective parent has and one’s over all health. An older parent may be a suitable match for a teenager who needs a family. 

Income and marital status are two other important considerations that many think will disqualify them as a potential parent. However, as long as one can show stability in his or her finances and home life, along with the ability to demonstrate that a child’s long-term needs can be met, then neither of these issues will necessarily prevent one from becoming the parent a child needs. The last point that many see as an obstacle is health or a possible disability. However, as long as one can provide proof that an illness or disability does not interfere with the daily responsibilities of caring for a child or teenager, then it may still be possible to adopt.

There are several avenues to consider when a Pennsylvania family is prepared to offer both their hearts and homes to a child through adoption. While some may consider going through an agency — which can be costly — others may elect to start out as foster parents. An experienced and compassionate family law attorney can provide information and guidance that may help facilitate the process.

Source:, “4 common misperceptions about adopting and why they shouldn’t stop you“, Alison Bowen, Sept. 7, 2017

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